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Frightening though it may seem, my background is in Mathematics. I spent six years as a Junior and High School Math teacher. But alas, one can be the idol of American youth only for so long and I soon realized that my calling lay elsewhere. I wanted to explore my creative side and enrolled in art school. Several night classes later, I found myself with a degree in Multimedia Design. And so the world shall be mine!!

I've been working in the web design/programming industry for over 7 years. My career began at Melia Design Group, a design studio in Atlanta, Georgia. I started there in 1999 as a lowly intern and soon rose to be become the lead programmer. In my time at MDG, I programmed sites for National Geographic Magazine, National Geographic Channel, and Smithsonian Folkways. Now, I bring this extensive experience to my own business. I continue to program for many designers, as well as design sites for new clients. Feel free to take a look at my work and contact me for more information.

Leap Communications
Melia Design Group

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